Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another day full of arts and crafts

I have been scanning Libi's artwork so we can share it with family and friends. After a little Mommy brainstorm I came up with this solution for sharing artwork. I printed pictures of family members and put them on the wall above manilla envelopes. When Libi is done with a picture she simply takes it to the wall and puts it in the envelope, once they are full we mail them to the recipients.

It was a quiet day at home, so there was plenty of time for more dough play.

Daddy and Libi both thought this was hilarious!!!

The kids down the street gave Libi a kite yesterday and we decided to take it for a spin today.

Ron and I hadn't flown a kite in quite a while and we forgot how tricky it can be.

We did manage to get it in the air for a few minutes...

so pretty!!!

Libi learned how to fly a kite from Oso on TV-- his best tip is run, run, run!

Daddy did a better job of getting it with his strategy of tension on the string...

Mommy tried her hand too!

In the evening Grammy and Grampy came over...

and all had fun with Libi's dough! We even made purple for the occasion!

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