Wednesday, May 19, 2010

One happy girl...

Okay friends I have a new obsession.... it's the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone.

It is a special accessory to the phone that allows you to "change" lenses, filters, film and take really cool photos. In the next few posts I'm guessing you will be seeing lots of these pictures. Love, love, love them!!!

This morning the weather was perfect so we did some outdoor photos before our drive to the valley.

Libi's hair is getting so long and I'm really enjoying playing around with it.

After a few serious pictures Libs had to make faces...

lots of funny faces...

that cracked her up!

On the drive into the valley poor little miss fell asleep!

I couldn't resist doing a Hipstamatic pic at a stop light :)

This might be my favorite photo of the day-- it looks like it was taken 3o years ago, but it was taken today on my phone.

Libi loves ringing the doorbell...

and waiting for Pop to open the door.

Libi took Bullseye to share with Nana and Pop.

It was a very nice visit. Typical for our visits lately: Libi served tea, read some books to us, went outside to get flowers...

and here's a new twist. She decorated Nana's hair...

and Pop's too!

Right as we were getting on the freeway I noticed that my phone with my beloved new app was missing. Since there was no u-turn on the on ramp we had to get on the 405, ride to the next exit, and drive all the way back to Nana and Pop's house.

It's funny how life works. Our little back-tracking probably cost us 30 minutes...

and in that time a pretty bad accident happened on the 5/14 interchange. Libi and I would have been right there at the time of the incident.

Happily we weren't in that situation... we were just stuck in traffic. Libi entertained herself with the Princess game on my phone (it works wonders when I don't want her to fall asleep in the car.)

After a longer than usual nap, we were off to the drama banquet.

It was held at a local pizza parlor and there was karaoke (which Libs called "Poke-okie".)

Some of our favorite kids sang...

and Libi was mesmerized.

Aunt Gina gave lots of awards..

including one to Ron for all of his service to the drama department.

We love hanging out with Aunt Gina and the drama kids!

Thanks for a fun evening!

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