Thursday, May 27, 2010

End of Spring???

As we near the beginning of summer our weather seems more like Winter.

Poor Libi had to go to school all layered: t-shirt (just in case it warmed up), butterfly sweater, and a jacket.

One thing that is very Spring-y is that some of the kids at school are twitterpated! This photo is mostly for Amy-- you see the lovely young lady next to Ben, well she is smitten with him!!! Every time I go for pickup they are next to one another. Ben is completely ignoring her, but she is persistent :)

Libi is becoming quite a conversationalist.

She likes to share all of the details of her life-- old and new-- with anyone who will listen. I'm not sure what she's telling Miss Carol, but it looks serious :)

Libs is such a wiggly thing-- note her leg sticking out of the play area.

Here she is singing, a la Titanic! My heart will go on......

Since it was actually a quiet day, I will fill this post with more Libi-isms:

"I beg your pardon!" This is said whenever she doesn't get the response from Ron or I that she was looking for.

"You're stressing me out!" Said to Grampy back on Mother's Day. I think she is repeating me again on this one :)

"Now we are really lost!!!" Yesterday as we were driving around town getting Sharpies.

My favorite of the moment:

Today I picked Libs up from school and my first question is usually, "What did you do today?" When I loaded Libi into the car today before I could say anything she said very matter of factly, "I didn't learn anything today!" As if to say, don't ask me that question again. Of course a minute later she was going on and on about everything she did at school, so she really did learn something :)

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