Thursday, May 13, 2010

School, swimming, and a surprise!

I didn't realize it when I dressed her this morning but Libi looks like she walked straight out of the 80's in this outfit!

The big hair, the frilly skirt, the tennies with socks-- all she needs is an arm full of bangles or lace gloves and she would be perfect!!!

Done with school...

off to swimming!

That head lift just keeps improving!

Today she did more jumps... including one from the high wall on the right in this photo. I didn't get any pictures of her jumping off the wall because I was video taping and I really thought she would do it again. However, once was enough for her and she didn't want to do it again!

Today she started slapping the water instead of using her torpedo arms-- it's always something new with her.

Miss Karen had to give her a stern talking to to stop that slapping because it just makes you tired and doesn't help you go anywhere.

Libi is actually floating but the second she realizes she's floating she flips over and swims.

Ron came home a little early today so we threw Libi in the car for her nap and went to Disneyland!

It has been so long since we've been as a family! Libi really wanted to ride Big Thunder (and it was our plan to go there first) but sadly it was closed today! We asked Libi what she wanted to ride instead and she said, "Tiki room!" So off we went!

Ron got Dole whips for the grown ups and pineapple for Libi. You would think that this sounds unfair, but she wasn't phased! She took a few bites of Ron's and a few bites of mine but she was happiest with her fruit!

Next we were off to the Jungle Cruise!

Posed pictures didn't work well for Miss Squirmy Worm!

On the boat she was a little intense...

look at that face! I don't think she realizes that it's all pretend yet and she new those piranha's were coming!

Libi has been watching the animated Alice in Wonderland a lot lately so we tried to get on the ride.

After some kisses...

and a short shoulder ride, the attraction broke down! We aren't having much luck today!

Libi was content to knock on the White Rabbits door and then move on.

We headed to Tomorrowland for dinner and bumped into two friends! I love how Libi held her shirt out like it was a skirt-- so cute!

The park was closing at 8 p.m. and by the time we ate dinner there was time for one more attraction so we chose Captain EO.

I was there when the ride opened in 1986-- still have a T-shirt that was handed out-- so it was fun to introduce Libi to it!

I have always been a Michael Jackson fan, even when he was having a tough time, and I love this ride!

It was funny how much of it came back to me as soon as we stepped into the theater.

In the pre-show area they showed the original video that they had playing way back when.

Libi looked good in her yellow glasses.

She did get tired of getting her photo taken so she kept her tongue out hoping it would deter me.

We all enjoyed our visit-- Libi wants to go back and see the movie next time we are at the Park.

This is the first time in a long time that we've closed the park down!

The only thing that was opened was Main Street which Libi thought was pretty cool!

One final iPhone picture of a very closed Disneyland!

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