Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paige's Party!

After a morning of scrapbooking for me, tutoring for Ron, and some Grammy adventures for Libi we all met up for Paige's 4th birthday party.

It was held at My Gym-- a place we have never been to.

They had lots of fun activities for the kids!

The first one that Libi participated in was a snowball fight-- she was pretty good at it!

In between the games they sat the kids together to go over the rules for the next one.

During free play time Libs enjoyed the slide,

her friend Paige,

and the trampoline!!!

Oh that trampoline!!! Libi could've jumped on it all day!!!

They had a few stories with puppets that Libi really liked!

Here are all the kids-- I love that they had them pose for a group photo!!!

I hope that we make it back to MyGym...

especially for that trampoline!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Paige!!!

After nap Ron took Libs outside to play with the bubbles that she received as favors from the party.

I'm happy that he's also a Hipstapic convert-- these photos are just so fun!!!

For those who are wondering-- they also print out really nicely. Square in shape, but they look good!

Thanks to Miss Carol, Libi is now a bubble blowing champ!

I guess Miss Moira helped too-- blowing bubbles is quite a process :)

What a fun Saturday!

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