Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School Squared

This morning Libi headed to school so I could do more laundry.

However, when I dropped her off there was a stack of papers for me with some Cricuting instructions. I spent all morning alternating between die cutting and laundry-- what a life :)

Libs had a good day-- glueing some tissue paper into a flag shape and informing Miss Tasha, "I am beautiful!"

We don't have any self esteem issues here!

After nap it was off to Daddy's school for 8th Grade Awards Night.

This time of year Libi and I have to follow Ron to his events or we don't really get to see him.

It was fun to see him in action-- Libi was super jealous of all his time on stage.

He got to introduce the 8th graders to their absolutely gorgeous yearbook...

and give awards to his favorite Yukon kids. YU-KON!!!

When it was all over Libi got her time on the stage!

She is such the performer-- heaven help us!

She even got some 7th grade ASB kids to dance with her and follow her lead-- the cute can get away with anything!

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