Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Farewell to MOPS

Today I said a bittersweet farewell to MOPS.

Many of my favorite gals are leaving like Stacy, Laura, and Amy.

Since I am taking at least the next year off I kind of felt like I was graduating with these ladies.

Last year I began the "tradition" of reading a sappy story to the women, this year was no exception. I just wish that I could read the books without breaking down!

MOPS has been good to me and I will miss it, but I refuse to be frustrated another year!

Libs was at school having fun while I was at my meeting.

This funny photo was taken by accident-- I didn't realize that she was so upset until I got home and downloaded this. Someone had just taken her soccer ball-- her latest obsession during play time-- and she was NOT happy about it!

However, it all was resolved and she had her soccer ball back in no time.

She left the ball on the ground and climbed onto the slide structure. She then asked one of the Panda boys to throw it to her. This picture was taken immediately after the ball hit her square in her face. To her credit, she never cried. She just wiped her face and asked them to try again. They hit her in the head three more times before she was able to catch the ball. I'm proud of my tough-skinned girl.

Today Libs had a private lesson with Miss Karen.

Thankfully Miss Karen was able to work with our crazy schedule-- so we really don't have a set time for swimming each day is different.

Libi is getting the hang of breathing and her stroke work is improving.

Look at those "potato arms"-- Libi's take on Miss Karen's "torpedo arms".

Wall walking is easy schmesy....

but floating still isn't!

Libs is just like her Daddy in that she hates to float! I could float all day and never complain but Ron and Libs just won't do it! They don't know what they're missing.

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