Thursday, May 6, 2010

School, Swimming and Skippy

The kids are really doing a great job of following directions at this point in the year. Here are all the monkeys stopped at the bottom of the ramp waiting for a teacher--- they are well trained!

Here is that dang soccer ball again!

Libi took Skippy to share with her friends-- he seemed to enjoy himself!

I don't get why she's so attached to this red and white soccer ball but it's always in her hands when I get to SCLP these days.

Skippy also joined us at the pool for swim lessons today.

He and Libi played catch with "a sharp stick!" before Miss Karen arrived.

Libi also used it to pretend to be Nana. You see Nana uses a cane these days which Libs is fascinated with!

Today Libi wore her two piece princess suit!

Even the power of the princesses didn't help her float!

She is swimming much better now that she is really kicking!

I love to watch her try to float-- see her flexed feet with her toes all crinkled. Who does that?

While Skippy was sad he couldn't swim with Libi he did enjoy sunbathing with me.

Next we took Skippy to visit Daddy at work.

He is a very well-traveled pup!

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