Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Eve

Tonight we all converged on Nana and Pop's house for an early Mother's Day dinner.

Libi and Pop gathered their flowers early in the night...

so there was maximum time to enjoy them.

On Wednesdays I'm usually chatting with Nana so I don't get to take pictures of this ritual. Tonight I sent Ron out armed with the camera to capture it.

There was more flamenco dancing...

and a makeover for Granpa.

We aren't anticipating Libi to have a career in the beauty field due to her lack of sensitivity to her clients.

However there were lots of kisses afterward to make up for the harsh brushing.

Nana and Pop's dinning room table wasn't designed for 7, which was fine when Libs was little. Now that she's used to sitting at the table we had to do a little switch-a-roo and put Nana and Libi at a special little table all their own.

After dinner we opened Jammy's birthday gifts...

and Mother's Day gifts.

I got my first hand-made Mother's Day card and gift. Libi made me a sweet necklace with her picture on it and a flower card which uses her hand print as the bloom. I'm a sucker for this stuff so I'll keep it forever!!

Dessert was ice cream cake and Libi was most excited about it.

Even though it was Mother's Day, I couldn't resist posting this picture of Libs and I with the guys. This is 4 generations of Borsting's-- Pop, Dad, me and Libs.

I found a caterpillar on the floor (I think it was from one of the dozens of flowers Libi picked earlier in the night.) Since we are bug crazy we couldn't pass up the chance to inspect it with a magnifying glass.

All of the girls enjoyed their Mother's Day gifts that Libi and I made.

Here was our kind of sad attempt at a 4 generations girl portrait.

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