Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

I just love this Target suit that Libs wore today. It's orange striped and kind of old fashioned in that it covers the mid thigh. She looked simply darling in it!

Today we had two other boys and Nick at our lesson (see I told you each day was different!)

Libi has really impressed me with her ability to follow directions even when the other boys aren't!

I've been having lots of fun with Libi's hair lately-- it has especially been fun to see how things hold up in the water.

Sorry for the large amount of photos of this, but the relatives want to see how she's doing (hi Mom!)

She has been totally hamming it up to me when she's resting on the stairs... giving me cheesy grins and lots of "Hi Moms!".... I love it!

Next we were off to see Nana and Pop! We haven't been to their house in about a month due to various circumstances so we were all happy to see each other!

Libi's first order of business was to get flowers from outside with Pop. Next she came in and placed one in her mouth and began to dance!

Where she got this from I'm not quite sure, but it was fun to watch!

It was quite a sight!

She even got Pop in on her act...

and Nana too! Nobody is safe when Libi sets her mind on something!

We are winding up the year in Pioneer Club tonight with our final regular meeting. While I've really enjoyed the kids this year I am ready for the year to be over! It will be nice to not have to rush across town the second Ron gets home on Wednesdays for a while.

I forgot to assign Skippy to someone so we took him home one final time.

In honor of Cinco de Mayo we stayed away from any Mexican restaurant and instead went to...


We ordered my favorite chips and salsa in the whole world there-- that counts for celebrating the holiday, doesn't it?

Regardless of where we spent the evening we enjoyed being together as a family!

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