Friday, May 28, 2010

I've lost count...

Sadly I can't tell you what number trip this is to Disneyland. I am currently working on a album where every page is one Disney visit, but I am quite behind so I'm not sure what visit this is.

Libi loves all of the window displays....

just like Ron and I did when we were kids. For our past few visits this must be her first stop. She goes one by one, naming every character and movie that she sees.

Today our trip down was a short one because it was really a business trip. Ron is once again in charge of the 8th grade Disneyland trip next Wednesday and this year they purchased some food vouchers to give to kids in financial need. When we opened the envelope to check everything out we found that they sent him expired vouchers... not just a few days expired but five months expired!!! They wanted him to send them back but with the Monday holiday we weren't sure they would get back in time, so I volunteered to run down with Libi.

We did make time for a few fun things before our attempt to beat the holiday traffic back home.

Libi is still most enchanted with Small World. It never gets old for her-- just like her Mama!!!

She is also really wanting to read. "What that say Mommy?" is asked whenever something has words on it.

Next we waited in the long, long line to see the princesses.

As we waited we ate lunch from the newly reopened snack shack in "Princess-land". The energy pack for kids was gobbled down by Libi-- we will totally be getting that again! I enjoyed my baked potato, but it certainly wasn't easy to eat standing up while serving Libi her lunch.

The long, long line was well worth our wait because we got to see....


She is so rare that Libi and I both had a photo with her!

Tiana was back!

Libi made sure to tell her about the gumbo we made from her cookbook.

Jasmine is always a favorite with Libi...

just look at that little squishy face...

and her foot in the air :)

Our final adventure of the day was a train ride back to Main Street. I pulled out my new favorite toy and began snapping away!

Love, love this app!!!!

It looks so old-fashioned that I'm super in love. Hope you aren't getting tired of these pics.

We rode from Fantasyland...

through Tomorrowland and the dinosaurs. I had one tired little Missy who was in need of her nap!
Finally, here is our girls only Disneyland tradition: one final shadow picture before we get in the car to leave :)

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