Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter at the Zoo...

Friday Libi, Memorie, Hailey, Janice and I braved the Easter celebration at the zoo. It was Hailey's second birthday so it was a very special day!

The girls got along really well-- there was lots of sharing and hand-holding going on.

Our first order of business was to pet the bunnies.

We used some of the standees to take some darling pictures.

Aunt Janice made some super silly faces to get good smiles!

The girls got their faces painted-- Libi did a great tiger impersonation.

We both sported our ears to get into the spirit.

It was Hailey's first visit to the LA Zoo so Aunt Janice got LOTS of pictures!

We love spending time with Aunt Janice-- hopefully we can do it more often.

We were so lucky-- we got to see lots of animals we don't normally see:

the black bears,

the poor rhino who lost it's horn,

and both snow leopards!

We can't wait to see Hailey again to celebrate her 2nd Birthday at her party!

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