Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A super full day!

This morning Libs and I were lucky enough to get our hair cut. Here is her before picture-- poor thing her bangs are so long that she can hardly see.

I decided to chop all of my hair off-- here it is ready for the dust bin :)

Don't we look much better in our after pictures? Now we both can see what we are doing.

Then it was off to lunch at Nana and Pop's. Libi is totally in love with all of Nana's flowers and today she picked a whole bouquet full of them.

She is very generous in handing them out, but don't get too attached because she collects them and re-distributes.

Libi is getting to the age where she understands games better so Nana got her a fish number game. Libi made up her own rules, but so did Nana so they had some words at one point.

She had all of us share something. It is her latest thing: she hands out a toy/book/item, goes through the whole sharing script with you (having you repeat after her-- something that Miss Tasha does at school), then she hands a new toy to the next person and repeats the process.

When it was time to go Miss Libs had disappeared. I found her on the davenport (as Nana calls her sofas) pretending to be Sleeping Beauty.

After a brief nap (and a visit from the county animal control to make sure Tobee's tags were up to date) we were off to a play date with Cousin Bridget.

Sadly Bridget had made some new friends that day so her younger cousin was really cramping her style.

Libi was fine for a bit playing with Grammy on the swing set...

then she laid on their chaise lounge to "relax" as she put it.

We tried one more time to have Libi play with the older girls, but she was promptly returned to us.

Both Mommy and Libi were frustrated at this point so we headed out-- but not before Libi got some gifts! Libi was given Bridget's old scooter...

and an Ariel costume.

She was in heaven "swimming" on our carpet!

She found her Ariel wig that the Easter Bunny brought and it really finished off the ensemble! Thanks Cousin Bridget, Aunt Ann-Marie, and Uncle Hugo!

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