Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The long trip home

Today we loaded up our rental car...

(which Libi thought we were keeping) and headed out to the airport.

We saw lots of pansies, tulips, and other flowers in bloom which reminded us of Grandmom and her very green thumb.

After a very bouncy and fast trip on the Enterprise Rental Car bus we were on our way!

Our first flight was from Philly to Atlanta.

In Atlanta we had a three-hour layover...

which was great to get some oogies out and take in all of the art around the airport.

My favorite display was this Ray Charles vignette at our gate.

Libi is fully into Fancy Nancy at the moment. We spent a lots of time reading her new Fancy Nancy books to Libs this week.

This was past nap time so much of Libi's energy in the airport was spent trying not to fall asleep.

She climbed,

she played,

and she chatted away all trying not to fall asleep.

We boarded a much larger plane (which was eventually headed to Sydney) for L.A.

Happily we made it home a little ahead of schedule where we were reunited with Ron. We all need some rest, but it was a nice trip!

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