Friday, April 9, 2010

One brave Mama!

Today Libi and I braved the spring break crowds and headed to Disneyland.

Our first ride was the train and we were lucky enough to get on right away!

Poor Walt! He would never let folks see all of this construction on the Rivers of America.

Libi's one and only request was to see the princesses. The wait time? 2-2.5 hours!!!! Oh my! Since it was just the two of us and she said she REALLY wanted to see them, we waited. Happily it was more like 1.5 hours and we had a really sweet mom and daughter from Canada in line with us who helped to fill the time.

When we finally made it in, Libi was happy to see Jasmine-- the star of the movie most folks call "Aladdin" but Libi calls "Jasmine". It is all a matter of perspective as to who is really the main character of the film-- if your focus is on the princesses then Libi's name is correct :)

Libi was happily talking to Jasmine until she looked up and saw who was next to meet. She practically knocked poor Jasmine over to get to.....

Princess Tiana!!!!

We watch Princess and the Frog every day so we all love Miss Tiana!!

Lastly was Belle, who was nice but she was no Tiana!

Libi is at this stage where she won't look at my camera. She will smile, but her eyes are elsewhere. Hopefully it will pass quickly because it is frustrating to Mommy!

We made it over to Small World in time to see the clock dance.

Everything about this ride is loved by Libi-- just like I did when I was her age!

It is super hard to do one-handed pictures with my SLR, but I'm getting better at it.

I love the wonder Libs exhibits even though she has the ride memorized!

As we exited the ride I noticed a little nest near the topiaries in front of Small World. How nice that Mickey lets them stay there!

We had lunch in New Orleans Square at our favorite place and they recently changed their window displays from Ratatouille to Princess and the Frog. Libi was in heaven! Now she wants to make gumbo at home-- heaven help me!

Our final ride due to the crowds was Jungle Cruise. Even though we have been on it before Libi forgot about the piranhas and was really startled! Now she always talks about the fish with teeth at random moments in the day-- I'm afraid she will need therapy because of them.

It was great for me to know that I can still hack Disneyland just Libi and I!

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