Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pizza and Preschool

Today was another preschool day. Libi learned all about "warm fuzzies"-- I think the concept was above her as was the "craft" they sent home (a baggie with a cotton ball and a piece of tin foil.)

She is getting glowing reports these days. I think it is helpful that Miss Tasha is back full-time.
Due to the awful air quality the kids can't go outside and they let the parents in early so I got some videos of story time and...

part of the sweet goodbye song.When we got home Libs unwound by playing with her neglected magnet board. In between her re-telling everything she heard at school today I heard things like, "My Lincoln", "Miss Karen torpedo arms", and "Excelllllent!"We are very independent these days-- getting dressed and undressed is a skill that Libi is determined to master.Shoes are easy... socks pose more of a challenge.I left the room for a moment and returned to find Libi using Daddy's socks as puppets.I'm not sure that I'm crazy about her using dirty socks, but I'll give her points for her creativity :)Mommy had a meeting tonight so Daddy was in charge of dinner and he chose English muffin pizzas.Libi is getting to be quite a master at making her own...but her enthusiasm keeps us on our toes :)

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