Friday, September 25, 2009

Lunch and a movie with friends!

Today we met up with one of my oldest friends and her niece.While we waited Libi and I had a grand time coloring. I drew lots of Halloween stuff for her and then she drew me-- see the blue blob under the witch :)It was such fun to see Janice and Hailey!Libs had a great time with Miss Hailey. She shared her crayons, gave her lots of hugs and was very sweet to her.They even spent some time coloring together!Hailey was darling too. She shared her Snow White bear with Libi and Auntie Janice! I hope we get to see them more often, because it was a really fun lunch!In the evening we had some other friends (this time from MOPS) over for a backyard movie night.Everyone who comes loves our movie nights, but nobody enjoys it more than Libi!!! I think her favorite thing about it is the food.... Popcorn and a sucker, what could be better?While it was a small turn out, we all loved seeing 101 Dalmatians on the big screen!

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