Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Turn off the music!"

Libi just said this to Ron and I as we were singing her the "Night Night Time" song we have created. For those of you who had Denny Lynch for AP History it's very much like the "AP Annie Song" but with different lyrics.

Today was a very low-key day. Libi and I began the day at church. I have forgotten how much I love Episcopal church services: the music, the liturgy, the people-- they never change. I saw no less than 5 folks that I've known since I was a young girl, sang songs that I love, and recited prayers that I've known my whole life. Libi went to the child care for the first part of the service and then they delivered her to me right before comunion. She was a perfect angel for the rest of the service. She held a song book and tried to sing along to all the hymns, she folded her hands in her lap for prayers and she knelt for comunion at the rail-- I was so proud!!!
There was lots of dressing up going on at the Ippolito house today.Libs even got Ron and I into the act.

While Ron and Libs took a nap I worked feverishly on MOPS stuff. We have a meeting on Tuesday and we want to spend a family day at Disneyland tomorrow, so I needed to wrap all that stuff up.

Today we layed low on potty training, we just hung out, read books, dressed up and played. It was a nice lazy Sunday.

This evening when Jammy called we let Libi talk to her, but when she didn't say anything we took the phone away.... this is what happened:

When we finally got Little Miss calmed down we let her take some family pictures.You see, Libi has been obsessed with our camera lately. She is really trying to be a good photographer like Mommy and Daddy. I think we are going to ask Santa to bring Libi a camera of her own. To round out the night, Daddy took some pictures of all three of very happy family!

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