Friday, September 18, 2009

Movie Night...

Auntie Betsy called a few weeks ago to ask if we would help her out with family movie night again this year...considering all of these pictures are taken at Mint Canyon can you tell what we said??It was so nice for Libi (and me) that Emma and Emily took such good care of her-- watching her the entire time she was on the yard.Libi loved acting like a big kid-- trying to do things that Emma and Emily were able to do with ease.Libs got a lot of oogies out before dinner...and she got nice and dusty!!!Next we were off to stand in line for our chicken dinner.Libi was more interested in her friends and helping Daddy set up the screen than her dinner, but she was all about eating the chocolate chip cookie!While we waited for the sun to go down Libi picked flowers and delivered them to: Daddy, Mommy, Lucas, Dolly, Howard, and Aunt Betsy.We settled in for the movie...what a fun night with some of our favorite people!!

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