Saturday, September 26, 2009

Potty #2

Sorry for those of you who don't have children or who don't like potty tales, but this is a huge milestone for Miss Libs! Today we were working very hard on potty training. After a few accidents she finally went on the potty at home!!!The poor thing didn't take her panties off, but she did sit on the potty so most of the liquid went in the right place!!!To celebrate, Daddy promised Libs an ice cream cake and she was so excited that she tried to kiss it!To help us celebrate this big day Aunt Andrea, Gizmo, Grammy and Grampy came over. Aunt Andrea even brought Libi some new monkey PJ's-- we can't wait for it to get cool enough so she can wear them.It was fun for Libi to play with Gizmo-- she could never hold Tobee like this!Libs carried him from person, to person, to person--until she was just zonked out!!

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