Sunday, September 13, 2009

Libi's 35th Trip to Disneyland

What do you do after everyone leaves and the house it too quiet???You go to Disneyland of course in a brand new fall outfit!!!Libi's first request was to go on the Monster's Inc. ride. We were happy to oblige because there was NOBODY in line!!!It was so empty we decided to stop and do a photo shoot!Mommy checked one thing of her "Disney to do list" when we saw Sulley!Libs was super excited about seeing him.... until he put his big arms around her and gave her a hug. I've never seen her jump so high or run so fast!!! Luckily she recovered quickly!!While there weren't many people in DCA, there were lots of characters! Our next stop was to see Mulan and Jazmine. I just love this pose-- she takes direction really well :)Goofy has been at DCA every time we have been there lately! I think I have enough photos of these two to make a whole album!Before we could do anything else... Daddy wanted lunch so it was off to the Park!Libi really wanted to see Donald, but he was on his way for a lunch break. He very kindly gave Libs a hug and listened to her little story before he went in!After refueling at Cafe Orleans we went back into Critter Country. Today Libi requested to see Tigger and Pooh.While we waited in line to see them we did a photo shoot with the two silliest members of our family: Daddy and Libi!It was so nice to see Pooh-- we haven't checked on him in a while.Daddy has been taking lots of rapid-fire pictures without looking lately. He cuts off lots of heads, but he says it is so Libi will defer to the Disney photographers. Poor Pooh only gets half his body in this shot!Tigger was next. Libs was a bit tentative around him, but she sure blew him lots of kisses as she left!The Pooh ride was next...I can't believe how grown-up Libi looks in these pictures!Speaking of grown up.... Libi is now tall enough to ride on most of the fast rides at the Park. Daddy really wanted her to go on Big Thunder with him, but her priorities were to see the Mouse!At this point in the day Libi was very tired (there had been no nap yet today!) so we couldn't put her in the stroller or she would fall asleep. She either walked or rode Daddy's shoulders all the way back to Toontown.As part of our week with Skippy we brought him to Disneyland with us.Minnie made one of her supporting cast members put the puppet on her hand so she could do a little show for everyone-- it was just darling!!!Skippy wanted to eat Pluto's bone-- he's so silly!!Mickey also met Skippy!One final family portrait before a train ride and a nap!

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