Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fun day with Jammy and Granpa

This morning we lazed around and played with blocks.We are all enjoying the great weather and fun perks of being in Stockton (read: no little person waking Ron and I up in the middle of the night!)Ron was super excited because Bob's was open for breakfast-- and they serve burgers all day!!!I just love this photo-- Libi was pulling her grandparents to get it, but it came out cute!While Ron and I had burgers, Libs went the breakfast route and had a monster pancake!The after Bob's tradition continues as we took a walk on the docks to look at the boats.This boat was especially cool because it had a baby duck on the back.Libs wanted to swim here too, but I convinced her that this water wasn't clean enough for swimming.AWWWW!! A father and daughter shot in front of the "Love Me Tender"-- Elvis' boat.Jammy insisted on more photos before we left...Grrrrr!I was happy that I got a cute one of Libi and her grandparents-- I don't take enough pictures of her with either set of grandparents.After a nap...Libi and Granpa spent some quality coloring time.Another thing we love about Stockton is their produce!Yippee for another fun visit to Stockton.

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