Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Today there were 3 Play-doh containers out when we got to Nana and Pop's house so Libi knew it was going to be a SUPER fun visit!!!She was in rare form for our visit-- running all around and keeping very busy.Before lunch Libi decided to decorate Nana....and Pop! They were both good sports and let their great-granddaughter veil them.Libi has been very much into coloring lately. This particular masterpiece is a farm complete with pigs, cows, chickens, and ducks! There is also a mouse on this picture whose name is "Hockey"-- not sure why, but it was pretty cute to hear!Poor Pop had a devil of a time with her sandals today, but they both appear to be having fun!!

Other interesting things Libi said during our visit:
"My back is itchy!"
"Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop....." Libi really wanted Pop's full attention today!
Our Wednesday routine is back to what it was last year-- after Nana and Pops we come home for a nap then run over to VUMC for Skipper Club.This super excited face is the reason that we are doing Pioneer Club again this year.This is Libi's friend Paige-- we have known this young lady for years because of MOPS. She is such a darling girl, if only she would smile more :)Here I am surrounded by 14 of my 15 Skippers. You will notice that many of them are crying and screaming-- that's what happens when you have mostly 2 year olds in the class. They are a sweet bunch, we just need to get them familiar with myself and my co-teacher so hopefully the tears will stop!

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