Thursday, September 10, 2009

A surprise from Daddy...

Skippy has been having a great time at our house.On this fine Thursday Libi believed that Skippy was going to accompany her to Little People. Too bad that Miss Carole and Mommy had other ideas. Poor Skippy had to wait in the car for Libi to be done with school.While she was at school they made cookies for Grandparents Day. Miss Sabrina told me that she took some cute pictures of Libi doing this-- I can't wait to see them.Also during school today Libi decided to play in the water fountain.... AGAIN!!! This would explain why she looks like a strip-y mess!I asked Libi after school who her friend was at school and she said, "Miss Tasha!" I guess if she has to have one good friend, the teacher is a good choice!Since Ron had a minimum day he came with me to get Libi. It was such fun to see the look on her face when she saw him. Hopefully he will be able to do this more in the coming months!

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