Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Disney Day...

No we didn't go see the mouse... we stayed at the house and worked on potty training-- isn't that as much fun as Disneyland???

Libi did well in the morning-- staying dry and sitting on the potty. But when we went upstairs she wet herself 3 times in a row. As soon as I changed her and turned around she peed again!!! It was not my idea of a perfect morning-- especially when Daddy was away at a conference.In the evening I took off with Dolly to the Disney Ranch for a benefit.
We took a hayride to the entrance of the event...which was at the other end of a covered bridge.While the sun was up Dolly and I checked everything out. We looked at the baskets, took a look inside the Country Bear Jamboree Playhouse from the film (the building in the back), we then went inside this house that's been used in lots of different movies, and Dolly posed by its fireplace.It was a fun night full of gambling, yummy food,
and a live band! While I was at the benefit, Daddy and Libi had a Disney night of their own.They watched (and re-enacted) Monsters Inc. They are so silly together!!!

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