Monday, September 28, 2009

Dancing and Disneyland with Daddy!!

Today is brought to you by the letter "D!" Ron is on Fall Break for the next 2 days so we are taking full advantage of having him home.Libi was thrilled to have Daddy at dance class.The kids were all in much better form today than they were last week.You can tell that Libi is getting really comfortable in this class-- she is dancing to the beat of her own drummer.Case in point!Here is the entire class doing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in a circle... the entire class except for Libs who is watching herself in the mirror.Miss Cheryl Anne must have faith in Libi too because today she was the leader of the train.Look at the concentration: arms down, no smile, focus on the mirror.... very intense!Libi was the lady in black today which made it easier to spot her.They measured the kids for their dance costumes today so the Moms were able to be in the studio for a bit. I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures! Here is Libi with her school chum Solea.Here are lots of the girls in the class-- we did a quick group shot.Here is Miss Libs tapping away while the other kids get measured. I love how she can dance without music.We changed Libs in the back of the car and headed to the Park!!On Main Street we saw lots of our favorite characters in their Halloween costumes: Pluto, Donald (who was impressed that Libi was wearing the same hat he was),Mickey, andMinnie.Libi asked that we have a family picture with Minnie-- love that girl!!!Our next stop was Pixie Hollow to meet up withROSETTA!!!! Yes, after months and months of visiting Pixie Hollow we finally met her!! Now I can complete a fairy scrapbook paige with Tinkerbell and all her friends!!We were a bit surprised to not see Tinkerbell today. In her place was a very sweet Iradessa, who spent lots of time with Libi.On the way to lunch we stopped in to Big Thunder Rance to see all the Halloween stuff they had there.Libi loved the goats...but wasn't a big fan of the pumpkin people!!After lunch we split up: Daddy went to ride the scary Space Mountain while Libi and I went to Critter Country.We saw Tigger andEeyore before a quick ride on Pooh. Then Libs asked for the Tiki Room which I am always happy to sit through!Daddy met up with us in time to ride Small World and to see the princesses-- lucky Daddy!!We were very lucky to be the last people in line to see the princesses today, so we got lots of time with them!The only princess that Libi wanted to see was Jazmine so we were very lucky that she was there.Our final ride was the train...where Libi took some more photos. Man, we need to get her a camera of her own!!!

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