Monday, September 21, 2009

Ballet Class Day 3

It's 1:41 and I put Libi up for a nap 10 minutes ago... BUT I'm currently listening to the longest version of "If You're Happy and You Know It" being sung through the monitor. This is one girl who knows how to stall taking a nap when she's tired!!!

Funny things Libi has been saying lately:

"I want coffee!"-- She really means Mommy's salt water taffy that we grabbed from Knott's Berry Farm on the way home from Disneyland last week.

"I can shuffle."-- This was the skill they learned today in tap class.

"It's not my fault!"-- I think she got this one from school because we really don't say that at home.

"Help myself!"-- This doesn't mean that she wants any help-- it means that she wants to do any and EVERY task by herself!! This independence is very frustrating for her Mommy!!!So now on to ballet/tap class.Notice all of the girls in the line.... all except mine.I think Libi's favorite song in class is the "Teddy Bear" song-- which is sung by the Wiggles. You see, according to Libi every nursery rhyme and song that has ever been on a Wiggles DVD was created by the Fab Four.

I think Libs has these moves memorized!They are working much more on their positions and toe pointing.Today poor Miss Cheryl Anne was given a run for her money-- she had no less than 3 criers and lots of gals who were less than perfect listeners.Fortunately, Miss Libs was one of the most cooperative girls in class.We were most surprised to find that one of Libi's Preschool classmates is also in our dancing class. I'm hoping that Libi and Solea will grow to be good friends.When its time to switch props the girls are very focused-- if only they would stay focused once they got the props :)

All the girls really like the follow the leader song.

Here's part 2 of the song :)When the girls failed to listen to the instructions about the obstacle course, Miss Cheryl Ann went right to tap shoes.We won't tell Daddy that Libi really loves playing with the pom-poms!She always brings them to the glass for me to see.Then it's off to dance with the girls!This was new-- if only we could do this at home with a Windex-ed cloth.The last part of class is always for giant stamps...and bubbles!

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