Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Royal Princess and her loyal subjects...

I won tickets to the Royal Dance Party months ago, but the date of the last party was the same day as Cris' 60th Birthday Bash. The woman who ran the party was kind enough to let me post-pone my win until today!!To make the event even more special, Jammy was in town so she came with us!!We started off by coloring Snow White-- she was the featured princess for the day.Next Libs grabbed a sword (they had lots to play with) and went to play with the bubbles and balloons.They had music playing, but all most of the kids wanted to do was run (Libi included!)They had a live musical appearance from Debi Derryberry.The songs were a tad odd-- a great deal of them revolved around a baby banana and his parents: a gorilla and a goose.The girls loved it when she called for volunteers to come help her sing the "Freckle Song."To fill the time before Snow White arrived Libi went to color with Jammy-- this time with markers!!They did have very nice snacks!Libs was so excited to try drinking out of the big girl glass. They served their apple juice in little plastic wine glasses-- quite a nice touch for little princes and princesses!
Next up: some dancing with Snow White and her prince!
Libi was quite fierce with these weapons of knightly destruction!You will note she wasn't wearing a princess costume (although I brought one with us.) I was very glad she was happy in her princess jumper because it was much easier to spot her in the crowd of fluffy princess costumes!

Snow White decided to do some group dance instruction. Poor thing wanted to dance with the costumed gals to her right, but they wanted nothing to do with her :(

I do love how Libs dances to her own drummer!After a 20 minute nap, a very cranky Libi met up with her Daddy and her Granpa at Nana and Pops house!It was the day to celebrate all of our September Birthdays-- Pop on the 11th and Granpa on the 20th. Libi brought each of them a crown from the princess party and INSISTED they wear them! Luckily they were very good sports and wore them most of the party!While the boys watched football, Libi played teacher and read the rest of us a story. She sat in a chair, demanded our attention, read the story, then held it up for us to see the pictures. What a little teacher in training!!
Libi's latest thing is to have Pop put on her shoes when she's ready to leave. I have not been making it easy on him, putting her in different shoes every time we visit. He doesn't seem to mind though and he seems to enjoy the stories Libi tells him while she gets her shoes on.

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

Cute pictures from the party! And your trip to Disneyland looked like lots of fun-I love that it's not crowded right now!