Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our Wednesday routine...

I have been playing with Libi's hair a lot lately-- today it came out really nice!
Libi brought a few things to show Nana and Pop today-- her Tinkerbell phone and Skippy.Nana had a new color of Play-doh to play with today. I am thankful that Libi gets to play with messy clay at their house and not ours!!
Pop selected the dessert for today and Libs just loved it.

After a few moments of watching Elmo, Libi decided to draw all of us. (Note: this is a really long video, but it's pretty cute!)
Tonight was my first Skipper Club. We have a lot of little kids, so it was full of screaming and crying! The kids did settle down during snack. Libi enjoyed cutting her cheese with the cookie cutters-- I think we'll have to try this at home :)

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