Monday, September 14, 2009

Dancing and homework...

Today we took Skippy to dance class.I took this stretching photo through the open door of the studio-- I'm such a bad Mommy!!After I got a look, I moved back to the window-- so please pardon the glare. I continue to be impressed as our teacher lines the girls up perfectly and they stay put!!They worked on foot and arm positions for the first time today.Whoops-- who is not in line??? That would be my tiny dancer!!She bribed them back in line with their teddy bear dolls to perform the "Teddy Bear" song.I'm not really sure what they were doing here...but all the girls crawled around and chased the teacher.
This was a sweet game of follow the leader.I still love it when they do their little conga line!You can just see the concentration on everyone's face :)Libi has discovered the window. She thinks it's quite fun to run up and show me whatever they are working on. I'm hoping that she doesn't do it too much or their teacher might close the curtain blocking my picture taking!!

Before tap time they did a little obstacle course. Pardon the very artistic video-- I moved the dial on the color wheel to black and white with a focus on the color green. Very artsy, but not what I wanted it to do!The girls still love their tap shoes!Today they used their pom-poms while they tapped.I need to do this at home with Swiffer cloths-- then my kitchen floor would sparkle!!They also used little tambourines while they tapped away-- a combination of all that Libi loves: dancing and music!

One last circle of tap, then it was time to head for home!Daddy had an Area E meeting today so we only got to see him for a split second when we went to Rio Norte after dance.So tonight I got to sit with Libi as she did her first homework assignment EVER!!! We had to make a family flag for her to share with her class.While Ron and I both had some grandiose visions for what this flag could look like, we decided to let Libi decided what to do.Her choice was to color!Here I labeled who she put on her flag. Notice that Daddy and Libi are full-sized. Mommy and Tobee are little scribbles and Nana and Mickey Mouse are medium sized drawings. We now all know how we rate!When the crayons turned into princesses who were dancing on the paper, I knew we were done!!!I added a few details: they asked for a family picture so Libi and I chose the one from Disneyland yesterday. I also Cricuted our family name for the bottom of the flag.To send a not-so-subtle message to her teachers, I put this little label on the back! This will definitely go in Libi's artwork file when it comes home!!!

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