Friday, September 4, 2009

"Try again lady!"

This quote was said by Libs this morning as she played in the corner of the family room. I'm not sure where it came from, but it made me laugh :)After some morning playtime we got dressed and headed to a MOPS communications meeting.The kids enjoyed the doughnuts and the Mom's enjoyed the few moments to chat about our upcoming responsibilities.We ran home and packed up the car for our trip to Stockton. We realized that we forgot to take August pictures of Libi with her wagon, so I threw her in the outfit she wore on her first day of school for a photo shoot. Jammy's book can know stay current :)We drove across town, grabbed Ron and headed up the 99. We made a brief potty stop at Bravo Farms south of Fresno.Libs loved the cool gift shop, riding the tractor, and the newest addition...a petting zoo!!!!We spent a few moments feeding (and talking to) the goats before we continued our trek!Tobee and Libi were both thrilled to arrive at Jammy and Granpa's house. The first order of business was to change in to PJ's and play! Libs loved building towers with her Disney blocks...and then knocking them over!Another perk of visiting the cream with Granpa!!! We are looking forward to a restful weekend with the family!

One more funny note: on the drive up Libi kept saying, "It's not my fault!" I think this is another quote that she heard at school, since that's not something we say at home.

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