Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another special day with Daddy

Today Libi had a great day at school!

It is Fall Break for a few of the districts in the valley so there weren't many kids at school today.

Libs requested a photo with Miss Tasha before we left school. Miss Tasha was happy to oblige.

As a special treat, Daddy took us to Yogurt with a Twist for ice cream.

Libi really enjoyed having Daddy home for a few days.

Mommy loves Yogurt with a Twist!!! Cookies and cream is the best!!!

What a nice surprise from Daddy!

After we all took a nap, it was time for dinner at ChiChi's with Meme and Pop-Pop.

At first Libs was a bit apprehensive around Pop-Pop, but by the end of the dinner they were fast friends.

We are so glad that they worked us in to their busy schedule. We hope they have a wonderful cruise!

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