Wednesday, September 2, 2009


There was more "baking" going on at Nana and Pop's house today.Our visit also included the obligatory bike ride and the new addition of carrot picking.Libi was really funny today playing with lots of utensils that Nana hid for her in the basket. She loved the plastic knives, bamboo skewers, and butter knife-- until Pop determined they were too dangerous and took them away :)We also had a rousing game of catch! Libi would throw it overhanded to me, I would toss it to Pop and then Pop would throw it to Libs.She did catch it a few times, but I think she had more fun dropping it and chasing after it.
In the evening Ron and I attended the Parent Meeting at SCLP while Libs stayed home with Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet. To reward ourselves for being such dedicated parents we went to dinner at Backwoods Inn. The things we do to have to get date nights :)

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