Saturday, September 5, 2009

Visiting Rob and Valerie...

Libi was itching to do some swimming while we were in Stockton.... Luckily Rob and Valerie had a pool and generously allowed us to use it.Miss Karen did a great job-- look at Libs go!!The pool was a bit chilly...but Libs just wanted to keep swimming.Jammy bought Libs a new set of rings (since Mommy forgot her orange one at home!)Libs had a hard time getting her bum down to get them from the bottom, but the ones that floated were fun!Granpa was really impressed with Libi's swimming skills :) High five!Bouncy dog was anxious for Ron and Libi to get out of the pool...because she wanted to play!!Rob and Valerie's house was so fun! They also have a beautiful garden and they let Libs pick some tomatoes.

It was such an amazing dinner: pork, pesto pasta, bread, and home-grown cantaloupe! A huge thank you to Rob and Valerie for their hospitality!

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