Thursday, September 24, 2009

Potty #1

Today at school the teachers believe that Libi went pee-pee on the potty for the first time. While I'm sad I wasn't there to see it, I'm thrilled that she's moving towards being potty trained!!!Perhaps it was her UCLA shirt that made her feel like such a big girl today, but no matter we are going to celebrate!!!This is Libi with Solea, the little girl from dance class. They seem to be coming good friends!Note this boy on the right-- he is chasing Libi. He ran up to her, patted her bum, then ran away. Libi chased after him and caught him under the slide! Later when the teachers were busy and all the kids were going in for nap I watched this same boy (whose Mom was standing just a few feet from me) grab a ball, toss it in Libs face, fetch the ball and do it again. Libi didn't cry, she just chased after him. I later told her that it wasn't nice what he was doing and she needed to ask him to stop-- she just giggled. At least she wasn't hurt-- she's good a tough!All the excitement tuckered her out. We came home and watched a brand new Mickey Mouse video from Jammy and Granpa as part of our Potty Celebration and before it was over, she was out.I let her sleep for a bit on the sofa before I moved her up to her bed. She's so sweet!This is what happens when your mother is a scrapbooker. My poor daughter fell and got trapped between the tile and her house and she called her Mommy for help. Before I would rescue her, I had to take a picture because it was so funny!As the capper to todays celebration Libi got to pick what she wanted for dinner. We finished the day with tacos and fruit-- such fun!

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