Thursday, September 17, 2009

A tale of 2 restaurants...

Conversation on the way home today:

Mommy: I saw that you painted your family today at school. Who is in your family?

Libi: Miss Tasha.

M: Who else?

L: Miss Sabina (Miss Sabrina)

M: Anyone else?

L: Mommy

M: (Thinking we're on the right track) Who else?

L: Natalie.

M: OK....

L: Ben

Well, our family has adopted some new members. I guess when I ask her questions right after school she has "school-on-the-brain!"It was kind of fun picking Libi up today. She didn't notice me for a while so I got to see her play!Here is her little friend Natalie-- they were both trying to get the ball away from each other.Libi now has all of the school rules down. This photo was taken seconds after the bell was rung: she froze, put her hands on her head, and listened for instructions.In the evening our family split for two fun activities. I went with Amy and Dolly to the Cheesecake Factory at the Americana at Brand.Dolly had never experienced this incredible restaurant, so Amy and I used it as an excuse to go :)While I was out Ron and Libi met up with the Ippolito clan at Chili's to say farewell to Aunt Violet.While we will miss Aunt Violet, we are excited that she's continuing her education at UC Santa Cruz! Go slugs!!!!I was very proud of Ron for not only taking the camera with them, but getting the server to take a group picture.... I must be rubbing off on him! Thanks honey :)

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