Friday, September 11, 2009

Happy Grandparents Day

September 11th was Granparents Day at SCLP.Libi was such a lucky girl... not only did Granpa drive down to attend...but Jammy did too!!They drove Libi to school where they met up with Grammy and Grampy.The kids did a program for their grandparents...but Libi wasn't having any of it!Ben is getting to be such a big boy-- he did everything!But, Libi just sat and cried!!

God bless my mother who acted as videographer for this event. When she thought she was taping, she wasn't and when she didn't want to record she was. We have 20 minutes of the shade covering and peoples shoes, but very few minutes of actual footage :)
She did manage to perk up to eat chocolate chip cookies!!Everyone enjoyed a tour of the school...

here is some of the only video of Libi's face.While the Grandparents took care of Libi I went to meet up with the girls form the Planet Earth table. I have an amazing table at MOPS this year, so I can't wait for the year to get started!I returned to Canyon Country in time to join everyone at IHOP. I hope this is a tradition that continues every year on Grandparent's Day!After a much needed nap we were back in motion...heading to Nana and Pop's house to celebrate Pop's Birthday!While Ron and Pop went to get pizza, Granpa helped pick carrots. The picking went well-- the washing didn't! A little water never hurt anyone!

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