Friday, June 18, 2010

Toy Story 3

Ron and I were super excited to see Toy Story 3 so we got tickets to see it at the El Cap on opening night.

There was tons to see...they even had fair performers entertain those of us waiting in line.

Libi wasn't too sure about them!

We brought Jesse along with us since she is Libi's favorite!

Before the show Jesse got to dance to the organ music.

Not only did we get to see the film opening night, but we got to see it in 3D!!

Our entire family really enjoyed the film! We laughed (hysterically!), cried buckets (especially me!) and felt amazing by the time it was over.

On our way out to the next adventure Libi pointed out that she was 3 just like the movie. (She did the pose on her own-- nothing staged here! She's really getting the hang of this photography thing!)

On our way out Libi also wanted to have her picture taken as an action figure. I'd buy it :)

After a short walk around the block to the Hollywood High School fields we made it to the fair.

There were lots of games to play (and Libi tried them all!)

Daddy got in the act on the water gun game.

They had photographers who took your picture with the gang from TS3...
can you find Libi among the toys???

We didn't make it over in time to sit down for the show, so Ron gave Libs a lift.

I was able to get a few shots over the wall....

not too shabby????

When Jesse came out Libi held up her doppelganger!

One of the best parts of the show was when Buzz reprized his salsa dance.

They had a slide into the dump...

which we did over and over!!

The Sunnyside Daycare played an important role in the movie (and the playground here at the fair.)

Libi bravely went into the noodle jungle.

Hopscotch is quite popular in our home...

and Libs was excited to find it here too.

Although she only goes one way 1-11-- no reverse order for her.

Inside the tents we found giant Crayons.

Fun to play with...

and to color on the wall with. (Hey she doesn't do it at home and the one time she tries it it's with a giant Crayon bank!)

Daddy convinced Libi and I to both have our photo taken in the giant chair.

Aren't we cute?

They even had a ferris wheel. We asked Libi if she wanted to ride it and she passed in favor of the ...

bounce house!

She genuinely loves jumping... on a trampoline, bouncer, bed, anything!

To make life more fun they had beach balls to throw while you bounced.

Some of the games were too big for Libs, so Daddy HAD to help. What a trooper!!

One thing Libs had no trouble with was the craft station....

or the snack shop. Note: This was taken at about 10:30 at night and no she didn't get to eat all of either dessert.

One final bounce...

and boy was it fun!!!

Luckily we got to see Woody, Jesse, and Buzz before we left!

What a fun family night for all of us.

One final surprise before we walked to the car...

Libi got the TS3 Golden Book to read...

She couldn't wait!!

We just love the El Cap-- we will be back in September for the next Tinkerbell movie!

One final pose with the Jesse poster...

before she crashed!

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Amy-Sue and Gian Del Bello said...

That looks like so much fun!!! We have yet to see Toy Story 3...but I can't wait!!!