Friday, June 25, 2010

Last Day of School/ MNO

Today Libi went for her last day as a Monkey.

She had to pose by the sign so that I could compare with this:

the photo from her first day of school in August. She has grown and changed so much and we are so proud of the young lady she is becoming!

Libi passed out her gifts to her teachers and posed for photos with them. Too bad she never once looked at the camera!! Here is Miss Tasha,

Miss Caroline,

Miss Cindy,

Miss Carol, and

Miss Carole. Each of them have helped Libi grow and learn and we were blessed to know them!

I had to take a photo of Libi's monkey cubby-- cue Mommy crying here as well as during each of the photos above!

After school she came bursting out of the classroom to show us...

a book on trains! She tried very hard to get it home (I think she wanted to show it to Granpa) but since it belonged to the school she didn't get very far.

Libi picked some flowers for the Moms who were leaving.

One final game of Ring Around the Rosie..

and one final toss of the ball and we are done with Little People until the fall.

In the evening I got to hang out with some Mommy friends and go to the Bowl!

We got to see lots of former Grease cast members-- Frenchy, the secretary, Cha Cha, Eugene, and one of the directors (not sure who everyone else was!) Each person told us how to interact with the movie-- we got a bag full of goodies as we were seated. We had combs to use when Danny combed his hair, a scarf for the drag race, bubbles for Beauty School drop out, and lots more!

We had quite a picnic dinner and lots of wine!!!

Some of us dressed the part...

especially the event planner extraordinaire, Mary Jo!!!

I made a new friend named Cindy-- she is super sweet!

Before the movie there was a costume parade...

folks came in their best Grease creations to try to win prizes.

We chatted, ate, and took in all the sights!

The winning team who recreated the "Stranded at the Drive In" scene won a cruise to Mexico. Next year we will have to compete!!!

Dear sweet Claire was late but she made it before the movie started!!

It was a special version of the show...

not only did they have the traditional scenes...

but they added words and animations to make it more fun!!!

You can see what it was like to sing with 5,000 of your closest friends!

After the flick I had to pose once more with Claire-- I just love her and her costume was to die for!!!

Thanks girls for a fun night! We are already excited to go again next year. If you want to join us, let me know!

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