Friday, June 4, 2010

Lots of new experiences

At the grocery store the other day Libi asked for a bag of grapefruit. Since she had never eaten even one grapefruit I bought one to try and this morning she tried it.

She loved the fact that it was pink...

but she wasn't a fan of the flavor!

While at Disneyland my iPhone totally died!!! I was using it one moment and the next it wouldn't turn on. I came home, tried to plug it into my computer and nothing happened so I've been phone-less the past few days. Today Ron blew out of work early to go with me to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store in Northridge.

Libs loved their kid Mac with the Dora software...

Ron seemed to enjoy it as well :)

In the afternoon I came up with a game that I might live to regret... indoor t-ball!

We used the chair, a tube, a small plastic ball and a rhythm stick to make the game.

We all enjoyed taking a turn to see how far we could hit it.

After every hit Libi said she was a "Winner!!!"

Libs helped me and we actually hit pretty far, but Daddy was the champion!

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