Monday, June 21, 2010

49th Trip to Disneyland

Yes, we are nearly to the half century mark for Libi's visits to the Happiest Place on Earth.

Today the weather was perfect! Not too warm with a great cool breeze.

We got to see lots of characters today...

and we were all excited to spend the day together!


The rarely seen Queen of Hearts and White Rabbit.

We got a bit of a late start so our first major order of business was to have lunch. I waited in line for Carnation while Ron and Libi looked at the windows.

Libi tried her first Chef Oscar's special potato cheese soup. She was a big fan! I think next time we will have to get her a bowl of her own (so I don't have to give up so much of mine!)

Hmmmm. Where should we go next?? Let's hop on the train and go visit the princesses.

The line was super short which was a treat for all of us. Today the princesses were: Tiana,


and Ariel.

We are happy to report that they have reopened the princess stage! They now have story telling and the princess coronation several times a day to delight every little girl.

While we waited for the coronation Libi danced with a lady in waiting.

We had exceptional seats for the performance.

They taught Libi how to bow/curtsy,

do the princess dance,

twirl like a champ,

and the princess oath.

It was every girls dream to dance with three princesses at the end of the show.

The May poll was the final dance before...


Bye princesses!

Boy were we surprised when a few moments later all three of the princesses came out for photos!

So not only did we get the three gals in the photo op area...

but we got Aurora, Cinderella, and Snow White after the show.

The lines here went fast AND there were knights and ladies in waiting to talk to and dance with!

It was truly a princess-y day!!!

But Libs was getting tired!! We tried a few times to have her fall asleep, but we didn't bring the stroller so it didn't work!

Our next stop was Small World. While Libi got a lift...

I took a unique self portrait :)

Libi's latest thing is pointing at EVERYTHING with her middle finger. This amuses lots of people, but mortifies me so we have been asking her to use her pointer finger. We had about 20 minutes to practice while we waited for our boat so we took advantage of it.

We stopped for a moment on the benches to decide our plan and Libi crashed!

So we switched off and Ron carried her out of the park. On the tram I looked over and noticed a sweet drooling girl on Daddy's shoulder.

To miss some of the traffic we stopped at Sonic in Anaheim...

dinner in the car with the folks you love is the BEST!

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