Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pre-Fourth BBQ

Since our family will be scattered on the 4th of July (Ron with be somewhere between CADA Camp and Home and Libs and I are in Stockton) we decided to have an early family BBQ.

We invited the newest members of our family, the Paley's, to join us! We had such fun with them in Santa Cruz and we want to continue to get to know them better.

Our after meal entertainment was Wii on our backyard screen.

Everyone enjoying playing tennis, bowling and boxing.

There was some gender rivalry...

but Libi cheered for both teams :)

It's another short post so here are more Libi-isms:

-An on the fly prayer-- "Thank you for the food we eat and thank you for the ice cream treat. Amen!"

-"My eyes are all twinkly." After Ron turned Libi's light on and off in her room.

-"This is fun!" as Ron guns it to make it through a yellow light.

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