Friday, June 18, 2010

Dads and Donuts at Libi's School

It's Ron guest blogging today in honor of Dads and Donuts!

Today was the Father's Day celebration at Libi's school, Santa Clarita Little People. Libi was very excited to take me to her school. Heather dressed Libi in a beautiful dress from when Heather was a little girl.

Libi and I then posed for a quick photo session before we left for school.

One of the things Libi loved about the dress was that it twirled so nicely!

We hopped into the car and then went off to school! I signed Libi in and brought her into the main classroom so I could walk around and check everything out. Here is the main stage where the dads will enjoy the show.

The kids all filed in and sat down on the carpet. Libi was kind of hidden in the back, which made photos a little more of a challenge.

The program included lots of singing and dancing, plus a chance for each little one to sit with the director, Miss Carole, to say what they love about their dad. See the two videos at the bottom of this post to see Libi and her friends singing "D-A-D-D-Y" to the tune of "Bingo," and then (hilarious!) you can see what Libi said about her daddy!

At the conclusion of the program, it was time for the "donuts" portion of the event (woo-hoo!). Miss Dorothy and Miss Abla were in charge of serving up the treats.

It was a very balanced snack--donuts and fresh fruit.

Thank you, Libi, for a great Dads and Donuts!

"D-A-D-D-Y and Daddy is his name-o!"

"What do you love about Daddy?"

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