Monday, June 14, 2010

Heading home...

We had to make one more stop at the Velvet Grill.

Today Libi switched from chocolate to strawberry while I tried the maple walnut. YUM!!!

You have to love a place that has such yummy ice cream that are made in small batches.

Our final stop before heading home was to visit Jammy's friends.

This particular resident really took a shine to Libi-- kissing her quite a few times before we left.

We said one last goodbye to Desi and Lucy (the community birds) then it was on the road.

Libi took a good nap in the car while Tobee looked on.

We passed two fires along the 99. This one just started along side the freeway.

At Bravo Farms Libi wanted to feed the animals and ride the mechanical horse, but I didn't have any quarters. She was able to entertain herself on this horsey chair she found outside.

The drive home isn't the most exciting, but there was lots to see: trains, livestock, and

and lots of pretty flowers!

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