Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June Gloom...

On this first day of June we woke up to some serious June gloom!!!

While Libi was eating breakfast we had this conversation:

L: Mommy I want to make a salad tonight or dinner. Please please please??
H: Ok
L: I want to put tomatoes on it.
H: We can do that.
L: And croutons and chicken and dressing. Please?
H: All right
L: And I want to set the table please please

I hope this enthusiasm for healthy eating and doing chores persists!

It burned off quickly and gave way to a gorgeous day!

Libi was back to school today in her best red, white and blue, post Memorial Day outfit.

The school year is quickly coming to an end and I know that Libi will miss all her teachers over the summer.

In the evening we had another work party at the house-- this time to get ready for Disneyland tomorrow. Libi suggested the entree and I had something fun on tap for dessert. We made our first s'mores of the year tonight and they were enjoyed by all!

Forgot to put this in, so sorry it's late!

Date: June 1, 2010

Outside my window: June gloom--- lots of fog this morning

I am wearing: Red, white and blue—still in Memorial Day mode

I am going: Everywhere this week!!

I am hoping: The Libi survives a very full day at Disneyland tomorrow.

I am creating: Nothing right now—too much to do!

I am hearing: Silence! Libi is at school!

I am watching: Real Housewives. Not sure why I love New York and New Jersey, but I do!

I am loving: That Ron’s school year will be over this week!

On my mind: Still recovering from the loss of MOPS.

Pondering these words: Betsy Letzo was moved to Leona Cox this month. I told her that if she was got over there before Libi began that I would do “anything” for her--- be her PTA President, work part time, anything! I’m so excited about her being Libi’s principal that I don’t care what she asks me to do!

From the kitchen: Chicken Caesar Salad and S’mores for dessert!

Around the house: Lots of Ron’s school stuff from end-of-the-year endeavors.

One of my favorite things: My new Tim Holtz scrapbooking scissors. Need to use them more!

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