Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lakers versus Celtics...

I will probably regret saying this, but these photos to me look like Libs is a little pin up girl...

until she does this :)

This morning I was busy in the kitchen baking. Sadly nothing that I did this morning worked so I had to take these sad little cupcakes, plain sugar cookies, and....

the most gorgeous fruit tart I've ever done. This was the only thing I was proud of and I didn't even get to try it-- it got gobbled up before I got a chance to get a slice.

We drove out to Junior and Anne's house to watch the game and Ron and I were both blown away at how many yucca plants there were in the hills.

The day before the Limon's found four baby ducks in their yard...

happily we got to see them today.

They were so very cute!!!

Bridget and Libi got to feed them while they went for an afternoon swim.

The girls wanted to hold them so Cousin Amanda helped them.

The girls loved holding the ducklings...

and letting them "jump" back into the water.

Libi was sporting Laker purple-- even though Mommy wanted to dress her in Celtic green.

While Libi was on the trampoline (being supervised closely by Daddy and Amanda)...

I was busy watching the ducks. Can you see where my focus was today???

Libs loves spending time at Uncle Jose's house.

He always makes up fun games and makes her laugh.

Ron enjoyed Uncle Jose's iPad and playing Who Wants to Be a Millionnaire.

The girls were just as enamored with the ducklings as I was-- they kept coming back to them, holding them, talking to them.

Even though this picture is blurry I love it! You can see how happy these two cousins are to spend time together!

They had a little squirrel statue that lost its tail, Libi found it and decided that she needed to try it on.

She's so silly!!!

During half time we played a really fun dice game called Toss Up.

It can be played by a big group...

and it's really easy!! This is definitely on my wish list for my Birthday :)

After the Celtics won the whole family came out to shoot some hoops.

Ron made some really impressive shots during his game of "Horse" with Jacob.

Libi also made some impressive shots with an assist from Daddy.

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