Saturday, June 5, 2010

A quiet Satruday

Today there was lots of time to play at the house as Daddy was busy at school moving his classroom.

We stayed in PJ's almost the whole day-- which we all enjoy from time to time.

Ron took these photos of Libi and Tobee when he came home and he got some beauties!!! This one if their funny face poses.

This last one is my favorite-- two girls giving each other the eye. They really are becoming good pals even though this photo doesn't prove that!

In the afternoon we went on our big family outing-- to the grocery store!!!

Before we loaded into the car Libi entertained us all with some dancing in the driveway.

While we were at the store Tobee ate the two sticks of butter I had out to get soft so I could bake tonight. She now has a tummy ache and so do I because that means I have a lot to do tomorrow!

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