Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ben's Graduation and Movie Night

Today we woke up and got dressed for Ben's big day!

He is graduating from SCLP today and we had to go support our favorite panda!

He was quite serious during the program...

but we did see a few smiles!

To our shock and amazement he even got on the microphone!!!

It was fun for me this year because I know so many of the kids! SCLP will be very different without some of these faces!

Amy and Howard were honored for all of their service to the school.

When it was Ben's turn to sing into the mic, he went silent-- but it was good for a laugh!

Here is Ben accepting his end-of-the-year book from Miss Cindy. I will really miss not seeing him twice a week next year!

Here is Ben with his paper self!

Zoinks!! Seeing this always gets me-- Libi will be in the class of 2024 or 2025! OMG!!!!!

Ron and I were in charge of serving snacks so Libi had to sit near us. Give her a cinnamon roll and she's set!

Ben couldn't wait to open his gift from us...

it was Star Wars themed. From the smile it appears that we did OK!

Love these two!!!

A little background about this photo: Back in November Howard and I both went to the Thanksgiving feast at SCLP. The parents had to help get the food out and decorate the room. All during set up Carole kept calling Howard "Ron". Neither Howard or I corrected her-- I actually thought she was talking to another Dad there that I didn't know. Right before the kids came in Carole looks at me and Howard and says, "That's not your husband!" I looked at her like, "DUH!!! I never said he was!" So I teased Amy that Howard is now my SCLP husband.

Back to the photo: Amy wanted a picture of Ben with Ron, Libi and I but he was pictured out and wouldn't do it without Howard. Ron got hung up handing out more snacks so Howard and I found ourselves standing there with Libs and Ben and so we posed.... as the SCLP couple that we are.

Thanks Amy and Ron for having a good sense of humor about this, and to Howard for being the best preschool husband any girl could ask for :)

Minus Ben here we are :)

Ben we are so proud of the young man you have become! You are so sweet and kind and you took good care of Libi this year at school. Good luck in kindergarten next year!

In the evening we had our first movie night of the summer.

Grammy and Grampy stopped by before the movie began....

and chases ensued! Grampy had Libs and all of our guests running!

It was a small group of folks tonight. Aunt Janice came with her nephew and

all of the Strassner's were there-- including Grandma. Hi Fran!!!

Cindy and Chelsea both brought their kids and Aunt Andrea and Aunt Violet came to their first outdoor movie night!

While we waited for the sun to go down there was bug hunting...


and eating lots of popcorn and candy.

The movie was the Jungle Book...

and I had forgotten how fun the movie is!

It was a long, but very fun day!

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