Friday, June 11, 2010

Heading west...

This morning we packed up the car again (minus Tobee) and headed west to Milpitas-- which is north of San Jose.

The entire Ippolito and Paley clans were meeting up here as home base for Violet's graduation.

For dinner the consensus was Chinese so Ron Yelped and found this place.

Libi was very adventurous this trip and she tried hot tea for the first time.

She surprised all of us by really enjoying it!

Libi and I have made it our mission to have chop sticks mastered by the end of summer.

The restaurant owners children were eating at the same time we were. At the end of our meal Libi asked if she could go say hello and since we were the only folks in the restaurant we said it was fine. Later after talking to the owner did we discover that the two girls are roughly the same age and that their little girl didn't speak any English. You would never know this to watch them play!

I took this spectacular photo of Andrea and Ron-- love those two!

A trip to a new city wouldn't be complete without a stop at our favorite spot... Target!

We had Aunt Andrea in our car so there was lots of laughter on the way back to...

our hotel!

By the time we were done with dinner Grammy and Grampy had arrived.

There are things that you do in Grammy and Grampy's room that you can't do anywhere else...

like jumping on the bed.

Grammy brought a special art treat for the room too!

Libi makes herself at home in the hotel room as well. I just love how her Disney characters we watching Carole King with me :)

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