Sunday, June 13, 2010

Jammy's day off...

Today Jammy had the whole day off to spend with us!

The first order of business was for Libi's final Stockton request-- to eat at Bob's.

Today Libi asked Guy to make her Mickey pancakes (you might recall that last time she asked for princess pancakes.)

After brunch it was time to check out the boats.

This is another photo that I have dozens of over the years-- I can't wait to scrapbook them all together to see how Libi has grown.

There were tons of boats docked this time.. which Libi loved!

Of course we had to do some family portraits:

Here's Jammy and Granpa...

and Mommy and Daddy with Libs.

After a nap for all of us, it was back to the pool. Libi still isn't a fan of floating--- just like her Daddy!

Today she was all about diving and jumping.

She showed good form...

and an excitement for being daring!

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